Oxygen and Exercise: Maximizing Performance and Recovery

Oxygen, the invisible elixir of life, serves as the breath of vitality that sustains every living being on our planet. Beyond its essential role in respiration, it plays a fundamental part in supporting the intricate mechanisms of cellular life. As we inhale, this life-enabling gas nourishes our cells, providing the energy required for the myriad processes that keep our bodies functioning harmoniously. Moreover, its’s significance extends beyond the physiological, influencing cognitive function, mood, and overall well-being. A profound understanding of the dynamic relationship between O2 and our bodies allows us to appreciate its role not only in sustaining life but also in maximizing our potential for vibrant health and peak performance. In every breath we take, O2 silently orchestrates a symphony of life, reminding us of its indispensable role in the tapestry of our existence.

O2 cellular aerobic reserve is the key to Turbo Oxygen EWOT.

Unlike high-pressure hard chamber HBOT which requires an expensive pressurized chamber and does not allow exercise, the cellular O2 pressure from exercise via our EWOT/TurboOxygen system super-saturates the plasma which drives more oxygen into the tissues. It pumps oxygen into cells faster. This extra oxygen is then used by the body in thousands to millions of ways.

Our patented mega flow mask delivers TWICE the it flow of any of our competitors. Not just one feeder hose in the LiveO2 system versus our dual feeder hoses with identical flows. Our system has no need for trying to get more O2 utilization by manipulating oxygen or CO2 via what is sometimes referred to as Adaptive Contrast O2 therapy: (“By training with O2-depleted air your cells quickly create an increased demand for it. When you flip the switch back to higher O2 air your cells can absorb more oxygen”). To repeat: we use TWO feeder hoses from bag to mask and everyone else uses only one feeder hose. Some try to fake two hoses by showing two connected to the mask but the single O2 feeding hose from the bag exposes that. No one can use the DOUBLE HOSE inflow from the bag to the mask due to our patents, so they try to fake it by adding depleted O2and a CO2 factor.

The depleted O2 and or CO2 factor is just sucking more O2 from the body like squeezing that last little drop of juice from an orange. That may reduce the aerobic O2 reserve way beyond what might be healthy for the heart and other vital organs. But that is not needed with our system as we already have much more reserve than anyone else’s system can provide. (Still more juice in the orange). Even less session times are an option. Some only do 10 minutes. Interval training can add to cellular absorption.

We teach our customers several other proprietary techniques.

Breathing Mindfully: A Holistic Approach to Fitness:


Step into the realm of mindful breathing, where the fusion of consciousness and breath transforms your exercise routine into a holistic well-being practice. Embrace the mental and physical benefits of mindful breathwork, fostering a deeper connection to your body and its capabilities.


Conclusion: Breath as Your Ally in Fitness:


As we conclude this exploration of “Oxygen and Exercise,” recognize that every breath is a catalyst for improved performance and efficient recovery. From the science behind oxygen’s impact to practical applications in your workout routine, empower yourself with the knowledge to make each breath count in your fitness journey. Maximize your potential, breathe intentionally, and elevate both your performance and recovery.