The Turbo Oxygen System is a revolutionary EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) that brings about profound body conditioning and self-healing results without relying on drugs, chemicals, surgery, or invasive techniques.

Overview of the Turbo Oxygen System

This Turbo EWOT system, known as “EWOT ON STEROIDS” or Turbo Oxygen Multistep Therapy (TOMT), is designed to accelerate wellness, enhance physical endurance, and improve mental clarity, among other benefits. With the growing health consciousness among people, the trend of working out at home with store-bought equipment has become more prevalent, offering convenience and gas-saving benefits.

Exercising with Oxygen

The Turbo Oxygen System utilizes medical-grade oxygen, readily available without a prescription, and introduces Oxygen Enhanced Exercise or Rest (O2E2). Oxygen-enhanced exercise has a long history, including its use in top-secret military training since the 1950s. The Turbo Oxygen System has demonstrated remarkable improvements in various conditions, from Parkinson’s and ALS to Lyme disease. Even world-class athletes utilize this system, but they tend to keep it under wraps to maintain a competitive edge.

The Benefits of Turbo Oxygen

The Turbo Oxygen System offers an array of benefits, including:

Reduced susceptibility to disease

Prophylaxis against cancer and cancer relapse by stabilizing immunodefense

Improved general circulation stability

Enhanced conditioning for job-related stress

Pre-conditioning for intense physical or mental stress events

Accelerated healing after intense stress or illness

Relief from bronchial asthma and shortness of breath

Support for holiday effects during vacation periods

Reduced frequency and severity of migraine attacks

Amelioration of degenerative eye conditions

Support for coronary heart disease by promoting coronary vessel perfusion

Strengthening of aspiratory muscles in pulmonary emphysema

Increased mechanical performance reserve, potentially increasing life expectancy

Support for certain liver diseases by aiding liver detoxification

Combatting circulatory disorders in extremities

Assisting in post-illness rehabilitation, reducing side effects, and enhancing the main effect of drugs

Minimizing toxic side effects of conventional cancer therapies

Increasing performance reserve after severe illnesses, injuries, or paralysis

Alleviating suffering and promoting healing

Understanding the Turbo Oxygen System

Key Components

The Reservoir Bag: The bag, made of medical-grade TPU, is designed to hold the purest oxygen without off-gassing or harboring bacteria or mold. It significantly enhances the oxygen supply for deep, full, and undiluted breathing.


Oxygen Concentrator: The oxygen generator takes in ambient air, filters out nitrogen, and produces high-purity oxygen, typically ranging from 93% to 97%.

The Mega-Flow Mask: The mask, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, enables effortless and comfortable breathing during exercise sessions, delivering oxygen directly from the reservoir bag.

Understanding Oxygen Percentage

The Turbo O2E2 units maintain a consistent oxygen production regardless of the liters per minute flow rate. The focus is on satisfying O2 flow volume, and the Turbo Mega-Flow mask provides superior flow volume compared to competitors.

The Turbo Mega-Flow Mask stands out from the competition, offering a twin-port design for enhanced oxygen flow. Some competitors use extra pressure to push more O2 into the mask, but the Mega-Flow Mask’s twin ports provide an adequate and effortless flow, enabling up to 150 Liters Per Minute for a 6’5″ football wide receiver.

Turbo Oxygen Alternatives

Turbo Oxygen offers numerous advantages over alternatives like Hyperbaric Mild Therapy (HBT) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers (HBOT). HBT has a stronger market position due to cost, but it requires many hours of encapsulation for therapeutic results. On the other hand, HBOT hard chambers provide maximum O2 saturation but do not support exercise, limiting their benefits.

O2 cellular aerobic reserve is the key to EWOT.

Unlike high-pressure hard chamber HBOT which requires an expensive pressurized chamber and does not allow exercise, the cellular O2 pressure from exercise via our EWOT/TurboOxygen system super-saturates the plasma which drives more oxygen into the tissues. It pumps oxygen into cells faster. This extra oxygen is then used by the body in thousands to millions of ways.

Benefits of Regular TurboOxygen Use

Regular TurboOxygen use has proven to provide various benefits, including increased energy, mental clarity, improved sleehttps://optimalbreathing.com/pages/ewot?rfsn=7373151.94826cp, memory, concentration, and reduced high blood pressure. It can also stabilize resting blood oxygen levels, enhance oxygen stability during exercise, and alleviate chronic ailments and headaches. Additionally, TurboOxygen helps with faster recovery after physical exertion, improved stamina, and increased caloric burn during exercise.

Safety and Oxygen Propagation

TurboOxygen does not generate free radicals, and the use of supplemental oxygen reduces oxidative stress during exercise. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Oxygen Enhanced Exercise enhances exercise tolerance without inducing additional oxidative stress.

TurboOxygen Usage Tips

When starting TurboOxygen, begin with light to moderate exercise and gradually increase intensity. Target three exercise sessions per week, lasting 15 minutes or more each. Incorporate other forms of exercise, such as weight training and outdoor activities, into your overall conditioning program.

Cleaning and Maintenance

TurboOxygen components require minimal cleaning. The bag and hoses do not need cleaning, and the Mega-Flow Mask and nasal cannula can be cleaned with gentle liquid soap like Miracle2.

Safety and Precautions

While the higher oxygen levels are generally safe, it is recommended to start gradually, especially for those who haven’t exercised in a long time. Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program, especially if you have any health concerns.

Turbo Oxygen System: The Ultimate Solution for Exercise and Self-Healing

The Turbo Oxygen System provides a cutting-edge approach to exercise and self-healing, offering an array of benefits without the need for drugs or invasive procedures. With its innovative components and exceptional performance, the Turbo Oxygen System stands as a superior choice for those seeking enhanced conditioning and overall well-being.